Community Ride for The Bike Shop

Sunday my husband and I volunteered for the Community Ride for The Bike Shop.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day for the scheduled ride. It’s a big fund raiser for this organization and had the weather been nicer we would have had many more riders attend. About 25 riders chose to sign up. If the weather had been nice we could have had 100 or more riders.

This was the group for the 50-mile ride. They started prior to the rain.

This was the 25-mile ride group. Their start was delayed due to a thunder storm that rolled through.

We’ll try again next year. Hopefully we’ll have better weather with more riders participating for more money raised.

It makes me proud that our club donated $1000 to The Bike Shop. In the past we’ve donated hundreds of helmets and this year it was a cash donation.

Yes, as you can see by the photo above, the sun came out and stayed out all afternoon. Figures!


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