Finally, A Women’s Ride

I have two rules about the Tuesday night women’s ride I lead: If the ride is canceled (perhaps due to weather) I’ll send an email by 4pm, which is two hours prior to the ride; and if it’s raining at 5:30, don’t bother showing up. The past two weeks I’ve canceled the rides due to thunderstorms that popped up in the afternoons.

This week it looked like the weather was finally going to cooperate for the ride. However, after 5pm I saw a storm on the radar moving in but it was too late to give everyone enough notice. It also wasn’t raining at 5:30 so I headed to the shop.

I wasn’t sure how many women would show up but there were about 10 of us. After calling home for an update on the radar, I informed everyone about the potential rain but they wanted to ride anyway. We made it all the way out to the “turn around spot” when it started raining. So we rode the entire way back in the rain.

The sun started coming out as we approached Portland and I was surprised we hadn’t seen a rainbow. But then we finally did. I snapped a couple of shots on the way back from the shop with my camera phone:

The worst part about riding in the rain is the time it takes to clean the bike when you arrive back home. My brakes were covered with black sludge, so you can imagine what my rims looked like. Hopefully the ladies on the ride took my advice and cleaned their bikes tonight as well.

I am impressed that these women still wanted to ride, even with the threat of rain. I’m not one to generally ride in the rain so I would have been just as happy to have gone home and called it a night. But these women were there, expecting, and more importantly, WANTING to ride.  Perhaps they enjoy the ride so much that they look forward to it every week, or perhaps it’s because we’ve had so much rain in the afternoons lately that there hasn’t been much riding going on and it was time to ride again. Whatever the reason, I’m very happy that these women keep showing up week after week.


7 responses to “Finally, A Women’s Ride

  1. Thank you, Dana, for “hosting” this ride each Tuesday. It’s about time that Portland had a women’s ride, and we appreciate that you made it happen. I liked the rain tonight. It cooled things off!

  2. Dana:
    Though I’m still not able to ride I was down at the bike shop yesterday. There was a women there looking for some group rides. I passed on the information about your ride to her. I hope she will be able to make. It’s the least I can do seeing how I can’t ride yet! Ride hard ladies and have fun! ~Be Well

  3. Thanks for passing on the info Sue! The shop is also really good about doing that for me too. The more the merrier. Hope your recovery is going well and you’ll be riding with us soon!

  4. Very inspiring to know that the ladies still wanted to go through with the ride. I have still not been able to make a ride yet, but I’m not so certain I would have been bold enough to continue! My schedule will be letting up soon (potentially as soon as next week), so I look forward to meeting the hardy biker gals!

  5. Why is it that magic happens on just about every ride with you, Dana? Also – how do you always seem to be able to change a flat without getting any grease on the french manicure?

    Nice rainbow shots!

  6. Ha! Julie you should have seen my nails after I was done cleaning my bike!!! A greasy, grimy mess. Thank goodness I’m due for a fill!

  7. Oh, what a lovely ride! I found myself stuck in the rain with a bad attitude yesterday. I will think about this post next time I get stuck. Thank you.

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