There is a ride in town on Fridays known as the SMCC (Southern Maine Cycling Club) Friday Morning Coffee Ride (FMCR). I’ve wanted to participate in this ride for quite some time but I usually have to work Fridays so I can’t ride with them. What’s worse is that they ride by my office every week and either I see them or someone in my office sees them and mentions it to me. Rubbing salt in the wound?

I was off on June 6th, the day after my daughter’s graduation, and I planned on riding the FMCR but it rained. Earlier this week I posted a message on the SMCC Discussion Board asking if the ride was going to take place this week, even though it was a holiday. I was told yes. I was elated – this was my chance to ride with and meet some people from another club.

The ride leaves at 7:30 am and goes about 10 miles to Maine Roasters Coffee in Yarmouth for some joe and then back to Portland between 9 and 9:30. There are at least a few CCCP club members normally on this ride and today was no exception so there were some familiar faces.

It’s advertised as a casual ride. I had an 18mph average tucked nicely in the middle of the pack and didn’t get dropped once. Part of me wonders if I was just tucked in so nicely that that’s why I didn’t get dropped. Another part of me wonders if taking some time off, even though I’m a little off form, perhaps that time off has made me stronger. Where I would have expected to get dropped along this route I didn’t and held on extremely well. Let’s hope I see some positive results on my next Monday Night Ride (MNR) with my club.

The soreness in my thigh from a cramp Tuesday night seems to finally be gone and the legs responded well on the bike.

I think I was pretty excited about participating in this ride because I woke up several times in the morning wondering if it was time to get up and go.

I’m getting my mojo back for riding. It’s been a long break off the bike. I was feeling a bit burnt out and no desire to ride. But that drive is back. My plan is to ride early before leaving for the Fitchburg Longsjo race tomorrow and then perhaps some hill repeats Sunday morning.


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