I Scream

A large group for the Tuesday night ride tonight. I’m sure it had more to do with the planned ice cream stop than the weather. Not everyone stopped, and some stopped only briefly. It was dinner time after all so some chose to go home for a decent meal. Hmmm, life is short, aren’t you supposed to eat dessert first??

We saw some familiar faces on the road as well. I decided to wear my club kit on the ride and it gives me great pride to see others flying the club colors on rides thoughout the area.


5 responses to “I Scream

  1. Personally I’d ride my bike from Massachusetts to Maine if there was promise of ice cream. Anyone who knows me would not be shocked by this either. Maybe that’s why with all this riding I’m still not losing any weight!

  2. Yes, that’s my problem too!

  3. So, what’s Patrick doing on a women’s ride??? 🙂

  4. Wait a minute. That person on the left in the foreground ain’t no lady. That’s Patrick! I notice he isn’t in the MNR lately, so maybe he only rides for ice cream? Or ladies?

  5. BUSTED…

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