So Much for That Idea

After a really spectacular ride Monday night I thought I’d go on the Thursday night ride. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best of rides tonight. I didn’t feel it in my head but went anyway. It’s not that I felt bad, I just didn’t have that “Whoo Hoo” feeling.

We had a dedicated B-Group with 9 riders and I had a hard time keeping up with the guys in that group. Geez. It’s also a much different ride than Monday night – a lot more hills to climb and I’m not a good climber.

Now I go through the last couple days, trying to figure out what I did, what I ate, how I slept, etc. to pinpoint the reason for my disappointing ride so I don’t repeat it. It could be lack of sleep, dehydration, nutrition, or the fact that I haven’t recovered from Monday’s and Tuesday’s ride. Still, I had a respectable 17mph average with all the climbing. I just really hate getting dropped.

But I’m not discouraged. It just makes me want to work harder so I can keep up more with the group.


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