Bicycling Magazine

A couple months ago our club president was contacted by Bicycling Magazine. They wanted to talk to someone about the women’s ride I started this year. So he passed on the information for me to return the call, which I did.

When I returned the call she said someone would be contacting me about the page in the back of the magazine called “Finish”, which is where the photo and a couple quotes would be featured. Then I never heard back from them. Until today.

I am awaiting a call from a local photographer to line up a time when he/she can come and take some pictures after the ride. I’ll then contact all the riders on my email list to see if we can get a larger than normal turnout.

I was told the photo would be in the October issue. That’s just in time for my birthday, also in October. So be on the lookout for that issue! I’ll purchase plenty copies to pass along to my family. They’ll love that!


2 responses to “Bicycling Magazine

  1. That ought to kick up the number of page views your blog gets. I’ll be looking for it.

  2. Congratulations!!! Sounds fantastic! I actually SELL Bicycling Magazine at my bookstore so I’ll be looking for you! (My birthday is in October too!)

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