Greetings from Rosemary Beach!

Today my husband I awoke early at 3am to go to the airport for a 5:30 flight to Jacksonville, Florida. This weekend is my husband’s 20-year class reunion so we flew down for it.

The festivities start Friday so we decided to fly down a day early to drive to the west coast, to Rosemary Beach, to visit a classmate of mine, Jeanine. After 5 hours of travel we hopped in the rental car for another 5 hour drive across the state, where I saw my first ever armadillo. (Too bad he was road kill.)

The last time I saw Jeanine was in October when she came to New England to visit her brother. She made a point of driving to Maine to see me (and a few other surprise guests I had invited). We had so much fun reconnecting after so many years that I wanted to make a point to see her when we were “in the area”.

The 5 hour drive was long and boring…. but so worth it! This place is stunningly beautiful. Here are a few pictures to prove my point. (Views from the bedroom balcony. Has a certain European charm, don’t you think?)

Now it’s off to explore this quaint area a bit before meeting up with Jeanine for drinks and dinner. More pictures to come later!!


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