Guana State Park

What’s your definition of the perfect beach? I’m sure there are a huge range of items that people would come up with, many of which would be the total opposite of our requirements.

I was introduced to my husband’s favorite beach, Guana State Park, about three years ago on our last visit to Jacksonville. It was in November (Thanksgiving weekend) and there was hardly a sole on the beach when we visited several days during our stay. Today wasn’t much different. Granted we arrived at 10am, a bit early for many beach goers. But even as we were leaving there weren’t the normal hords of people on the beach.

This beach is also known as a shell beach, which is to say that the beach area, for the most part, consists of broken or pulverized shells from the ocean. As a result I recommend shoes for this beach, the exception is when you get near the waterline where there is much more hard packed sand.

I can’t remember the last time I walked along the beach, barefoot, in the waves rolling in. It was a truly wonderful experience, not to mention the cooling effect in the humidity. I’m not much of a beach person so I never go there at home. But since we are in Jax, we make a point of going to Guana Beach when we are here. You can just walk for miles and miles and only see a handful of people. It’s just you and all the birds and little critters that wash up in the surf.

I was disappointed, however, that we only saw one group of pelicans fly by us and we missed the shot. They are amazing birds and it’s magical to watch a large group of them fly over the water, hovering just inches above. Perhaps we’ll see more tomorrow on our next excursion.

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