I’m Finally Back

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m finally getting back in the grove of what is my life. It’s been hectic.


Sunday was the best day of my husband’s reunion, in my opinion. We sat around a table in a small group for breakfast and talked. No loud music, not tons of people, just a few of us. It was really great to get to know a few of Don’s classmates in a quiet setting.

I also saw some cyclists come in so when they were wrapping up their breakfast on the outside deck I went to introduce myself and to find out a bit about group rides and renting bikes in the area for future trips. I never would have done anything like that when I was younger. I find many cyclists to be very friendly and always happy to talk about cycling in their area. I would be the same way if someone from out of town approached me!

Then it was off to visit my husband’s step mother and her husband. It had been almost three years since we’ve seen them. They are such fabulous people and I truly enjoyed seeing them again.

The worst part about all the visiting with friends/family was all the sitting I did. When I was packing our things that evening I noticed that my ankles were very swollen. I’m not used to that kind of inactivity and it showed!


Monday started off in a crazy way and never ended.

First, my alarm never went off as it should have. So we woke up a bit late and rushed to run out of the hotel for our flight. It worked out well and we made it in plenty of time.

Then we were delayed departing JAX due to thundershowers in Chicago, our connecting airport. We finally left an hour later but were delayed in flight to the extent we had to stop and refuel in St. Louis.

We made it into Chicago early afternoon. We rebooked on an early evening flight and were set for standby on the 2pm flight, which finally left at 6pm. (Later we found out they had a mechanical and the flight was canceled.)

Our confirmed flight at 7:30 ended up being canceled, without an announcement. So it was off to the customer service desk to rebook. It was a choice of flying into Manchester, NH late that night or fly into Portland in the afternoon of the following day. We chose Manchester.

We really questioned whether the flight to Manchester would really happen. But at 2am local time it left Chicago.

We arrived in Manchester before 5am local time Tuesday morning and waited around for a rental car. First, unless you have a reservation for a car in Manchester the likelihood of renting one is very slim. Secondly, rental car company’s, if they allow one way rentals, charge extra for that service. We needed to get home so we paid the extra and left.

Upon arrival in Portland we still had to go to the airport to retrieve our luggage and car. (How is it that will all the canceled flights our luggage managed to arrive in Portland?) We had been up for 28 hours (with the exception of a little snooze on the Manchester flight) and it was time for a bed and some sleep. I managed three hours then went into work for a few hours.


Needless to say that I didn’t make the Tuesday night women’s ride. Luckily Shannon was kind enough to lead it for me. I just needed more sleep before mustering a ride.


After finally catching up on sleep throughout the week I finally managed to make it out on the bike for a ride. Between being away, catching up on sleep, and a lot of rain last week, I had been off my bike for a week and a half. I really felt the loss of fitness!

I rode easy to watch some friends participate in the Tri for the Cure and take photos. I returned home to drop the camera and head out on a real ride. I only managed 20+ miles. It was good to be out on the bike and working hard. However, that only led to a 1+ hour nap and an early bed time with not much energy in between.


A nice morning coffee ride with some friends. My legs felt a bit like Jello from the previous day’s ride. But I finally found a rhythm.

Since I was all sweaty from the ride I thought I’d mow the yard before hopping into the shower. (It really needed it!) I also took advantage of the time to thoroughly clean my bike. It’s sparkling now. It would have been so easy to take a shower and have a nap. Now that I’ve pushed through that first level of fatigue I should be able to manage to do a few other things around the house, including unpacking, which has yet to be done!

I’m looking forward to my routine this week. I hope the thundershowers will hold off so I can manage a few bike rides with the club. And if not, I’ll be working on some strength and flexibility with my new Yoga DVD.

One response to “I’m Finally Back

  1. Hey Dana,
    I agree about approaching cyclists now–it’s a nice community to be in and most people who ride because they love it are all too willing to talk about the sport. Sounds like a nice trip!

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