The Sun Came Out Today!!

It’s been a couple weeks of rain and cold weather here in Maine lately. To the extent that between my trip to Florida and the weather I haven’t been on the bike much. I really noticed a loss of fitness as well, which really stinks this late in the season.

So I’m working dilligently to recoup some of that lost fitness. I went for a solo ride Saturday and a short coffee ride with a small group Sunday. Monday night, it rained again so I backed out of the ride. Showers caused me to cancel the Women’s Ride. Today the sun was out – AND ALL DAY! So I rode to work, then rode to join some friends for a ride tonight. We had a good pace and even though I feel wiped out now, I know it was what I needed.

There seemed to be so many cyclists on this route tonight. It’s a popular cycling route anyway, but given the lack of decent riding weather, everyone seemed out to take advantage of a beautiful day.

The loss of fitness is very bothersome. I’ve taken a week, sometimes more off the bike and haven’t really notice any negative effects before. This time I did.

Do you ever take time off the bike, for weather or other issues? If so, how much time can you safely afford to take off without losing fitness?


One response to “The Sun Came Out Today!!

  1. Dana, Both Heather & I have been slightly losing our minds with this weather. Heather more so 🙂 I actually resorted to hooking the bike up to the trainer and was amazed that it felt kind of good to do it. Something is better than nothing! But we have this big Livestrong event just ten days away and I notice a loss of fitness if I reduce my rides to one a week–so I’ve been desperate to prevent that from happening. I think I have to do at least two to three rides a week to feel like I’m maintaining anything. Anything less at this point in the season and it all feels like it’s slipping through my fingers…..

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