Today is a bad day in that I’m desperately trying to recover from last night’s efforts. I probably didn’t drink enough on the ride, or after it (except for a large glass of chocolate soy milk), and I know I didn’t eat much. Add a late bedtime into the mix and I really feel “hung over”. (It really does feel like a hangover.)

Does anyone have any good advice tips for recovery? What do you do that seems to work well?

3 responses to “Recovery

  1. I’ve found that I need to drink lots of fluids after the ride, which I will supplement with some form of electrolytes in order to replenish them as well. The folks that make the Emergen-C drink have an electrolyte-only version (Electro-Mix), or look for Nuun tablets (except the cola flavor, which also contains caffeine).

  2. I have tried the Emergen-C eletrolyte mix before and currently I’m hooked on the Nunns. (I like both of them because of the lack of sugar, and in particular corn syrup.) I guess I’m just in the mind set that electrolyte mixes are for during ride efforts and not post rides. I’ll give that a try next time! Thanks!

  3. Gatorade Frost: 3/4 gatorade, 1/4 water (it’s too harsh straight). Hydrate before, during, after. This is something I’m especially bad at. Sleep. Another thing I’m bad at. Eating clean before any big ride (not good at that either).

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