Helmet Cleaning

The subject of helmet cleaning came up today on the coffee ride.

I had heard that you should clean your helmet occasionally. I can say that I have never done this in the 2+ years I’ve been cycling. I do however, wash my cycling hats on a regular basis.

I asked Russ how he cleaned his helment. (I’ve heard a couple suggestions of how to clean it, one of which is taking it into the shower with you and giving it a good scrub down then.) Russ, who is one of the funniest guys I know, had an interesting account of his recent helmet cleaning. Of course I cannot tell you how he washed his helmet. I’m sworn to secrecy on the details of the cleaning. I will just tell you that he basically cleaned it in the sink.

So when I got home I figured it was time to clean my helmet. I employed the same method as Russ and washed the helmet, and the removable padding, in the kitchen sink with some mild body wash. (Russ, if you read this, please know that the helmet was the only thing to be cleaned at the time.)

I’m curious, how many times have you washed your helmet? Is once a week normal, or perhaps once a month, or once a year? What method do you employ to clean your lid?


6 responses to “Helmet Cleaning

  1. Clean your helmet! You must be joking!

  2. Sorry, no joke!

  3. You wear it in the shower. Use some of that ‘spensive salon shampoo on it. Air dry.

  4. Every week. I clean my other helmet twice a day though.

  5. I usually remember once a year. Dish soap, warm water, leave the helmet with the dishes in the rack to dry.

  6. But you must all remember this. . . . Remove dishes, glasses, silver from kitchen sink, then proceed to wash cycle. Failure to follow this exact procedure will leave you with guilty feelings and/or need to identify those items that may deserve a “second wash” Enough said.

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