Recognizing and Being Recognized

It’s nice to be out on a ride and recognize people, and be recognized.

Sunday, during the coffee ride, a couple cyclists came upon us and I heard, “Is that Dana?” Sure enough, Noreen, a gal from the women’s ride.

Monday night, on the way to the group ride, I saw a guy that I always see. He never used to wave and now he does. I think he recognizes my green/yellow bike and knows I wave so he waves back.

A little further down the road I recognized another rider, Noreen, as she was headed out for a ride.

Still further along, I saw Paul. I thought he should be joining us on the group ride and I assumed he was just out for a little warmup prior to the ride.

It’s a great feeling when you wave to a fellow cyclist and realize you actually know them. Better still is the feeling that they recognize you.


One response to “Recognizing and Being Recognized

  1. Delightful article. The Bike Culture at it’s best. I may be bold, but I’d like you to look at my blog. as there is certain similarity in the coverage of bikes as cultural icons (as well of course as all other things we love about bikes). I hope you do and enjoy it. I enjoyed yours.
    Would you consider trading links in teh blogroll?


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