What the…..?

Monday morning I was driving to work. I left my neighborhood and went down a one-way street through the park, which is my typical route when driving to work.

The sun was in my eyes as I was dodging potholes. I looked up only to see a cyclist, eh, excuse me, a guy on a bike. I was surprised to see him since he was going the WRONG WAY up the one-way street. I was a bit over to the right and he yelled to me, “What the F***?!” He took the words right out of my mouth – that’s EXACTLY what I wanted to say!!

I was so close to pulling over, rolling down the window and yelling at the guy. Something prevented me from doing so. Perhaps it was just pure shock of the event.

Why do people on bikes do this? Is it that hard to go with the flow of traffic?

Wanna know what else freaked me out? Today I was riding my bike home on a very popular bike route, which is what’s known as a “back road” around here. A huge Fed-Ex truck went by me, while there was oncoming traffic, so he was a little close for my comfort. But that’s not really what freaked me out – it was the length of the truck. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. It was quite dizzying when he zoomed by me. Trucks pulling trailers and boats have the same effect on me. Why is that?


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