“Waning Motivation”

Belgium Knee Warmers (BKW) posted something interesting about Junk Miles. I’ve talked about this in the past in that when you are training you either ride really hard/fast or really slow/easy.

These days I’ve lost my desire to go really hard and really fast. The Monday Night Rides (MNR) seem like such a chore to me then they are fun. I had intended to participate in the Thursday Night Ride (ThNR) last night but I decided against it. That ride causes me to get home so late and I wanted an early bed time in order to be up earlier to commute by bike, which seems more enjoyable to me since the weather has finally turned nice enough to do so.

I did manage a short yoga workout after my arrival home last night now that I have my new yoga DVDs. (My cat apparently thought I was serious when I told her that “we” were going to go do some yoga as she plopped herself on the edge of the mat. She was there for moral support only.)

Back to the bike. I guess I’ve come to that point of waning motivation that BKW mentions. I’m not sure that I accomplished all my goals for the year. My mileage is down, and my average speed, I think, did increase, which was a big goal for me. At this point I’m more content with those moderately hard efforts commuting to work in the quiet of the morning and the warm sun in the afternoon.

There is one major event still on my calendar for the year, the Loon Echo Century. It’s one of the hilliest centuries in Maine and hey, if I’m not up to it in a month, there is always the half century!

Since jumping into this bike culture with both feet back in the spring of 2006, I’ve pretty much biked in some sort of capacity all year round without taking any significant time off. My plan this fall is to bike a bit on the weekends, when we lose the luxury of light for mid-week rides, and continue to commute to work as much as possible. Normally I hit the gym in November for spin classes to keep my fitness. This year I’m going to take November off, and possibly December. I’ll get back in the gym after the first of the year and with the time off I should feel refreshed enough to go gung-ho with my spring training. That is if I can handle being off the bike for that long.

Recovery periods are terribly under rated and I’m going to give myself the break my body, mind and sole soul might need.


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