Labor Day BBQ

We accepted a Labor Day BBQ invitation today at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth from friends. (This, however, goes against our Sunday rule by where we use the day to relax and prepare for the work week ahead. I know, it’s not officially Sunday but we treat it as such.)

We had done this a few years ago and it was nice to gather there again. The weather was perfect and the food delicious! John brought his world famous ribs, which are simply to die for! The guy doesn’t mess around when lighting the grill!

I was asked to bring my renowned broccoli salad. When I told my daughter I was taking it she suggested I mix it up and take something else. I told her that wasn’t an option – I was specifically asked to bring it. Everyone that knows me, and this salad, almost requires me to bring it to BBQ functions. (I didn’t take the salad to a recent BBQ at work and you should have heard all the complaints. Lesson learned; make the salad.)

It’s been a long time since we’ve all gotten together. Funny how life sort of pulls you in other directions. Perhaps that just makes the time we spend together all that more sweet.

How do you typically spend your Labor Day? Is it just an extra weekend day or do you spend the day doing something special?


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