Look, then Look Again

There is an ad that I’ve been seeing on local television and perhaps it’s running on your TV.


Now, I know that the motorcyclist in this ad is going a bit faster than what me as a cyclist would be going. But the point is the same: look first left, then right, then left again. I can’t tell you how many motorists pull out of a driveway or roadway looking first to the right, then a quick glance to the left before charging out into the road, especially when I’m commuting. I’m waiting for someone to pull out in front of me, forcing me to go over their hood or into the side of their vehicle.

I know a friend that gets the attention of the motorist by waving to them so they know they are there. Eye contact is also a good trick, if they look your way. I typically veer away from the car but this tends to force me into traffic.

What are some of the tricks you use to get the attention of motorists in intersections to avoid running into them?


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