The Bike Rack is Filling Up

When I first started working at my office I told them I would be commuting by bike. They decided to buy a bike rack for me to secure my bike. (Yes, I know, Bike Snob would not approve of my bike locking skills but it’s enough to deter any punks walking through the woods near my office from walking off with it. I work in a pretty rural, or very suburban area.)

For the first season I was the only one to use it. But now it’s getting much more use.

Two guys I work with occasionally bring in their bikes to leave them so they can ride them during their lunch hours. (Not shown above because they took them home but their locks are there.)

Now we have a new employee that also rides a road bike. She lives close to where I live and is planning on commuting by bike a fair bit.

This bike rack that was initially bought for me and my bike is now getting a lot of use. That makes me very happy.

I’m reminded of the line, “Build it and they will come.” Perhaps that rings a little true in this scenario.

2 responses to “The Bike Rack is Filling Up

  1. A similar thing happened to my wife. She works at a hospital and started riding to work. There was no visible bike rack. So she locked up at pole for a couple months. I eventually emailed the CEO and he uncovered a bike rack. It turns out they had one blocked by a tables and a golf cart. They removed the stuff, she locked up her bike there a few weeks, and suddenly other bikes started appearing.

  2. Thanks Tom! What a great story!! That’s even better than my account!

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