Bike Maintenance

A week ago I stopped by the shop to have them look at my bike. Sloppy shifting and a rattling when I go over some rough pavement and bumps.

They tightened the cassette, which was causing the rattling sound. But the sloppy shifting was due to a stretched chain. Not only do I need a new chain, but I need a new cassette. They are basically expendable parts and with 3000 miles on the bike, it’s time to replace them.

I have been proud of my Pro Race 2 tires as well. 3000 miles and no flats!

Until today.

I had a great commute home and was excited about the club ride tonight. About 2 miles into the group ride my bike felt funny. I thought, this must be a flat. (I don’t get them frequently enough to know how they feel.)

I pulled over to change it, with the help from my friend. A significant piece of glass was embedded in the tire. Then it was off to chase down the group. (See, Bike Noob, that CO2 Cartidge came in handy!)

Not far up the road I realized my tire was slack. Again. Grrrrr.

Luckily I was about 1/4 mile from my house so I gave up. I went to the garage and set out to find the problem. I patched the tube and when pumping up my tire my husband said, “Stop. Your wheel is trashed.” sure enough, it was cracked. Luckily I have a spare set in the garage, along with a spare cassette.

So it’s off to the shop in the morning for a wheel and cassette swap, a new chain, and my new Pro Race 3 tires. The repairs should be easy and I anticipate to have the bike back by the end of the day or the following day. (It’s supposed to rain in the afternoon tomorrow so I’ll be fine if it doesn’t come home until Wednesday.)

Besides, there is always my husband’s bike as a back up.


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