Castelli Bibshorts

I think I might have found a pair of bibs that I really like!

Not that bibs are convenient for women, because they aren’t. Still, there is a certain prestige to bibs. Everyone I know swears by them, stating, “Once you have tried them, you’ll never go back to shorts.” So I felt the need to jump on that band wagon and buy a pair.

I had purchased a pair of Pearl Izumi bibs a while back that I felt ambivalent about.

Then I recently purchased a pair of Castelli bibshorts for my husband. He felt they were a little snug. So I gave them a try and wore them on my morning commute. They fit me well.

So I’ll keep them and work them into my shorts rotation. They will be good for short rides when I don’t need any rest stops. However, I will still go back to my shorts.

Bike Noob recently posted this bibshorts vs shorts issue as well. I don’t think women mind the waistband of shorts as much as men do. After all we are used to them from wearing panty hose, especially control tops.

What do you prefer, bibs or shorts? (Perhaps this is like the age old question: Boxers or Briefs?)


2 responses to “Castelli Bibshorts

  1. I never considered bibs…why are they better? Is it a comfort thing?

  2. I think men like bibshorts because there really isn’t much of a waist band like regular shorts, so they might be less constricting. Furthermore, they don’t slip down due to the straps. Personally, I have never had a problem with my shorts sliding down anyway.

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