Portsmouth Criterium

I’m a little late in my posting regarding the Smuttynose Brewing Company Portsmouth Criterium so here it is.

My husband and I drove to Portsmouth Sunday to watch the criterium. We knew a few guys in the Pro/1/2/3 race. And as the women were warming up I recognized Cody Harris, who I didn’t know had signed up for the race but was happy she did so I had someone to cheer for.

Of course we took the camera and got some great shots. One of my favorites was of Cody Harris in the women’s race (on the left in the photo below).


Cody also took the first premium of the race. Way to go!!

The men’s Cat 4 field was pretty large at 60+ and the men’s Pro/1/2/3 was 80 strong. When the Pro race started and they came around us after the first lap, the breeze from the group was exhilarating. Gosh I love watching bike races! Especially Crits and Circuits where there is a chance to see lap after lap.

We were super impressed by the race itself. There were a few breaks but the field worked hard to pull everyone back together. This made it much more exciting than to see a break stay out lap after lap. Everyone was hungry for positioning, prems, wins and it showed.

The local guys from Base 36/SMCC did pretty well. Jurgen was in a break for a lap or two and ended up finishing in the top 20.


Chris Laflamme unfortunately finished just out of the top 20.


Ben and Ralph (respectively below) also looked good throughout the race:



The best photo was of the team after the race:


(L to R: Jeff Dixon, Ralph Karam, Ben Forbes, Chris Laflamme, and Jurgen Nebelung.)

This was the last road race of the season for this group. It’s now onto cyclocross season. I missed a couple local races last year but I’m charged about them this year. We’ll attend the one at Pineland Farms on October 18th to cheer on our friends/co-riders and with any luck I might be able to convince my husband that the action at the Gloucester race will be worth the drive.


2 responses to “Portsmouth Criterium

  1. Fun photos! I was in thh Cat 4 race and crashed with 2 and a half laps to go – it happens, but still I was frustrated becasue someone crashed into me…if you have any photos of that nasty turn 3 spill I would be interested…although…maybe not.. I am still hurting. Nice site!

  2. Andrew, Sorry we don’t have any photos of the turn 3 crash. We stayed near the finish line and only took photos from there. Heard a bit about the crash – that really sucks!

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