Sweet Social

Even though it’s not the official end of the season (that comes when the snow flies), the club had it’s “end of the season social” last night. There were approximately 30 people that joined the party throughout the evening. Our club opens this event to club members and friends of the club, which is to say that even those who aren’t club members but ride with us throughout the season are invited to attend.

As is usually the case, we had way too much food. So the leftovers will be packed up and taken to Bar Harbor for a BBQ there in a week for those of us that are participating in the Cadillac Mountain Challenge.

One of the highlights of these gatherings is that a local chocolatier and fellow rider, Dean Bingham of Dean’s Sweets, shows up with some of his delightful truffles. Everyone just raves about them.

I splurged earlier this year and purchased some for my husband for Father’s Day, and they were a huge hit. My husband thinks they are some of the best truffles he’s ever had.

Dean makes some pretty unusual flavors in addition to some traditional ones. His chocolates have received some great press in some New England publications. If you are looking for a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life, and that might even be you, I highly recommend placing an order with him. You won’t be disappointed.


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