Google Reader

The more I blog and the more blogs I read, I find it a bit overwhelming at times to keep up with the wealth of information and entertainment in bike culture.

A while back my husband introduced me to Google Reader by using RSS feed subscriptions.

Man, I’m glad I have him! Thanks to this information I’m able to stay on top of all the blogs and webpages I enjoy reading.

It’s similar to reading a newspaper really. Sometimes you can skim the titles and the first couple paragraphs and feel like you are informed. Then you can read further if you want to ingest all the information the article has to offer.

But with google reader I can save them to read later or scroll through to mark them as read to clean it up. If I find something that’s really important and I want to refer back to it, then I star the item to keep forever, without having to clip articles and figure out what to do with them and where to store them, never referring to them even though I had every intention of doing so.

Google reader has now become one of the tabs on my browser and I refer to it often throughout the day to stay updated on what’s important to me – cycling news and LOL Cats. (Oh, and I do use it for some local news as well.)

Google reader and my husband has saved me! Now I have time to ride and still stay informed!


2 responses to “Google Reader

  1. HAHA!
    I just read this using Google reader… the account I just set up before I read it!
    COOL 🙂

  2. Strange coincidence, eh? We were talking with a friend last night about reader as well, before I made my post live, even though I had already drafted it. It was a very spooky coincidence!

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