Saturday in Bar Harbor

We checked in to The Colony in Hulls Cove, just outside Bar Harbor Friday night. The woman who owns the establishment is Scottish and used to be in a cycling club when she was younger in Scotland. We fit right in – the McEwans checking in for a bike weekend!

Saturday morning we woke up to a fabulous morning and looked forward spending the day together. The sun started working to warm the morning up quickly and we headed into town for breakfast at 2 Cats.

We followed breakfast with a delightful carriage ride on the carriage trails out of Wildwood Stables. We were fortunate enough to have a front row seat for the hour-long ride.

Right after we started off we wondered if we would see our friends who had gone out on the carriage trails with their kids for a bike ride. Just as the words left our mouths we saw them!


I took lots of video of the ride but this one was by far the best of Pete (left) and Rock (right):

On the way back to the cabin we detoured up Cadillac Mountain for a little reconnaissance of the road, just to see what I was in for the following day. Don’s getting the hang of taking photos of us:


We arrived back at the cabin early enough to embark on a short 20-mile ride on the bikes. Even though it was cloudy and somewhat cool at 53-degrees, it was actually comfortable on the bike, especially after we rode further away from the seaside. The hills we rode also helped to keep us warm. (Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are very hilly areas.) Below is a picture of my husband that really doesn’t give you the sense of length of the climb behind him.

Back at the cabins we, and many of the travelers passing by on Route 3, we serenaded by a terrific bagpiper on the ledge. He plays on a regular basis for Mrs. Quayle, who owns The Colony, and we all benefited from it! What a wonderful treat!


It was time for others to start arriving and get the grill going for the club BBQ. The Colony was kind enough to supply us with their grill and picnic tables for the affair. It was a cold evening but we had fun just hanging out.



Thankfully the party wrapped up early so we could get some sleep before the big ride the next day.

More on that later!


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