I Lost 10 Pounds! (Dieting Secrets Revealed)

I went from this:

To this:

In just 45 minutes with the help of these:

You can too! Here’s how:

Call Acapello Salon and schedule your appointment today. No sucking in your stomach required.

Don’t delay! Act today! A receptionist is standing by to take your call.

Fine print: A receptionist is only there during hours of operation. Weight loss is approximate and not anywhere near 10 pounds. 10 or more inches accepted for donations to Locks of Love. Not recommended for individuals partial to their long hair. Warning: may require years without hair cuts to acquire minimum donation length, during which time elastics, head bands, hair clips, and barrettes might be necessary. Consult your significant other to see if hair donation is right for you.


3 responses to “I Lost 10 Pounds! (Dieting Secrets Revealed)

  1. wait… you’re saying that long hair makes you fat? hahahha??!!

  2. Wow! Looks great! Glad you were able to donate your “locks”.

  3. Your hair looks lovely and very becoming. The only downside is that now you can get helmet head like the rest of us!

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