Erdinger Grand Prix of Gloucester – Part II

What I’ve learned through watching my first cyclocross race:

1.) Be rowdy, cheer for the riders whether you know them or not, but especially if you know them, and ring your cow bell(s).

2.) Wearing a costume, especially a Spiderman costume, is a good thing and people will cheer for you:

See it better here:


3.) If you have a mechanical someone is going to tell you to stay on your bike or if you crash they will tell you to get out of the way, “Yo, get your bike out of the way” (incidentally I didn’t hear the pros say these things):

4.) The Pros run their bikes through the sand, like poetry in motion:


5.) Even if you are tangled up with a rider early on, never give up because you might still win the race, as Dombroski did:

6.) The Elite riders are really fast and on a dry day, expect some dust:

7.) Even National Champions can, and might, crash their bikes:

In case you need a better look:


8.) Ryan Trebon is really tall!


9.) I could never race cross and I have the utmost respect for anyone that enters, races, and finishes! It’s endurance, speed, and technique. It’s 40-60 minutes of complete anaerobic red zone intensity.

10.) I love cyclocross! Woo Hoo!!! Happy Me!


3 responses to “Erdinger Grand Prix of Gloucester – Part II

  1. Holy Cow Dana, AWESOME VIDEO!!!! And I was there on day two!! I wish I knew you were going to be there, I would have loved to say hello! You must have been all over the course to get some of that footage. I arrived later than I wanted to–even missed my nephew in the kids race 😦 But was able to catch most of the elite women’s race and all of the men’s elite race. Practically my whole family was there 🙂 Look like you had a nice time….again–fantastic video & photos!

  2. Karen,

    Should have told you we were going. Should also have known that you’d probably be there. We were only there on Saturday – I can see how my Part I and Part II might be confused with me being there both days.

    I’m sure we’ll go again next year. If we do, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  3. Hi Dana – I stumbled upon your site while looking for some results and pics from the weekend. You have captured the spirit of ‘cross so beautifully! My husband raced the Masters and my son won the U15 on Sunday….. so I share your enthusiasm for the event. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your pictures and video. Hope to see you at more races!

    Trish Morse

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