Downeast Cyclocross Race at Pineland Farms

It was a beautiful day for a ‘cross race at the Pineland Farms campus today.


The sky was so incredibly blue behind the bright folliage on the trees illuminated by an October sun.


Being a local race there were many to cheer on, including several ladies that were at the gathering Friday night:


Stephanie Chase, Chessell McGee, Susan (last name not known), Shannon Bryant, and Meg Moore.

We took many more photos that you can check out on our Flickr page. We didn’t shoot any video this time so we could cheer on the racers.

One of those racers included our friend’s son who raced the kids race:


His little sister did a great job cheering him on and ringing a cowbell:


I think that’s a wrap on our cyclocross races. There are many more that are taking place throughout the fall but for us, they are a little too far away. If there is a ‘cross race in your area, I highly recommend you get out there to support your local racers. And don’t forget your cowbell!


2 responses to “Downeast Cyclocross Race at Pineland Farms

  1. Thanks for the great shots. It was a glorious day and well captured by the pics. I’ll miss the cheers and pics for the rest of the season!

  2. nice pics! I have another cross race I’m attending next weekend in Northampton, which is only a short ten miles away. I’m bringing my son and hoping he’ll be interested in the kids race. He isn’t quite ready yet, but I would be psyched if he participated in a future kids race. For a three year old, he’s actually a pretty good climber (not like mom!)

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