An Autumn Ride in Maine

A few of us gathered for a nice autumn ride this morning. There were 8 of us that started out: Kris, Jim, Russ, Steph, Shannon, Rick, Meg and I.

Steph went her own way soon after the start to ride recovery after yesterday’s cyclocross efforts.

The 7 of us rode the CCCP Thursday night route. After the second regroup, the majority of us were in the mood to stop for coffee. Meg went on her own along the route because she wanted to get back early.

So there were 6 of us that stopped for coffee at The Fog Cutter, a little drive-thru coffee spot close to Dutton Hill.

After the coffee I was ready to go home myself so I bailed on the group. I was sick of chasing and just wanted to enjoy my ride home, going at my own pace.

That ended up being the best part of my ride. (Sorry if I’m offending anyone that rode with me today.) It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the company of friends, but I just rode my bike, keeping my cadence high and my heart rate low. The sun also finally broke through and the wind was at my back.

I even decided to stop for a couple photos of the exquisite day:

It was my second real ride on the new bike and I was enjoying the feeling of it. I really like this bike. It’s so stable feeling, quiet, and seems to just float along the road. I’m super impressed with Aegis and now I know why people like these frames so much.

This is a great time of year to ride in Maine. Sure you might need an extra layer, sometimes two, but it’s so clear and the folliage is outstanding. If you are prepared and wear the right clothing you can have a very enjoyable ride.

I’ll see how next weekend shapes up from a weather standpoint and try to get out for another casual ride.

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