Masi Guy in Portland!

I found out through the CCCP blog, through a friend’s (Scotty) comment, that Masi Guy (Tim Jackson) was going to be at Back Bay Bicycle in Portland today. I quickly went to his site and sure enough, he was headed to Portland to see the fine folks at BBB.

He was here on official Masi business of course, visiting with bike shops in New England.

I quickly called the shop and spoke to my buddy, Jake. I asked him when he was expected to be there. “Now” was the sarcastic response. (Jake’s good for a little sarcasm. Perhaps that’s why I like him.)

I requested that someone take some pictures for the club’s blog. He tried to tell me that no one has a camera at the shop. Hey dude, if you haven’t noticed, this is the twenty first century and most people have cameras built into their phones! (Sarcasm, but this time from me.)

Alas, I didn’t really take that tone with Jake. He’s a good guy. I just suggested that perhaps someone might take a photo with a phone.

Not long after that conversation I received this photo in my email inbox:

I have no idea who actually emailed the photo to me but I can only assume it was Jake.

I was so excited about Tim being in town, and visiting the shop no less! Masi Guy rocks!

Of course Jake didn’t get it. He said something like, “You don’t even ride a Masi.” That didn’t matter, I assured him. I read his blog enough to know he is a blogger celebrity and that’s good enough for me!


One response to “Masi Guy in Portland!

  1. Man, I’m beyond flattered- sincerely. I don’t know if I;d go so far as :”celebrity” at all… ever… but I appreciate the compliment!

    I wish I would’ve known our intended schedule better so I could’ve coordinated things more, but the next time I out there, I promise I’ll do a better job.

    Back Bay is great! We took Cheryl to lunch- well, she took us to a place she likes and we paid. If in Portland, you have to go try out the Porthole. Awesome lobster sandwich… unreal!

    I loved Maine and look forward to being back there again… and I’ll even bring my bike so I can go for a ride too.

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