2009 Tour de France Race Route

The 2009 Tour de France route was revealed last week.

One word: Yippee!

I’ve been reading a lot about the route. It seems to suit the climbers well. To that end, it suits me too!

I don’t mind the sprint stages. They can be exciting in their own way – a mass of bodies going at full speed with as much power as they can for the right to be the first across the line. It can be a nail biter for sure.

Along with those sprint stages, there tends to be a breakaway that no doubt the peloton will let hang out there for the majority of the day until the very end when they get their act together and chase down the break. Ho Hum. Sorry guys, it’s so boring to watch a stage take shape that way.

When the Tour turns into the mountains I feel like we are now going to see some action. There are men being spit off the back with attacks coming from the breakaways and the peloton.

I also find myself in awe of these billy goats on two wheels. It’s an art form being able to climb like they can. Not to mention the hair-raising descents!

There is also the return of the team time trial.


What fun! A team working in perfect harmony, working the perfect pace line, for the maximum amount of speed and least amount of time on the course. I’m thrilled! Poetry on wheels!

Now let’s just see about getting rid of the race radios in the coming years.


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