Quiet Days

It’s been rather quiet in my world lately. Thus I haven’t had much to blog about.

The weather is spectacular this week here in Maine. A lot of good that does me with the sunset around 4:30 these days. No time for biking after work.

I’m fortunate enough to have a fitness room at my place of employment. Running on the treadmill a few days a week is helping to keep the weight off and keep my aerobic fitness. Today’s temperatures were in the mid-60’s so I ran outside instead in an effort to make the most of a glorious day. (it’s interesting to run on the same road I bike commute on. I seemed to be going so slow compared to even a slow speed on the bike.)

I managed a ride Sunday with a nice group of 10 others. We rode about 35 miles with an early stop for coffee. I really enjoy these late fall Sunday rides. They are very social and relaxing.

One of the riders Sunday suggested a ride to Freeport for lunch at Buck’s Naked BBQ. I liked the idea so much that I posted it on the CCCP Blog to make it happen this weekend.

I do have some other exciting news. I’ve mentioned a local racer by the name of Stephanie Chase a few times on this blog. I caught mention that she was looking to develop a Cat 4 women’s team in the area. When I pressed her on this, she said she would really like to make this happen. I knew a couple women that would be interested and also approached a few others who also said they were interested.

So there are about a half dozen of us who will meet with Stephanie next Tuesday to discuss the basics.

I’m terribly excited about this new chapter in my life. Not that I’d be good enough to win; that’s not the point. I just want to train hard and be good enough to compete at that level. If in the process I’m able to get a teammate on the podium, all the better!

My days will remain quiet for the next month or so. Then it will be time to hit the gym and the trainer hard in an attempt to be in race form in the spring.

One response to “Quiet Days

  1. great news on the Cat 4 team. I kick around the idea of racing but I’m much too busy, and besides I’m SLOW. I can go for miles and miles, but just not that fast 🙂

    At least the snow isn’t here yet…

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