Building the Base

Note: for you reading this the first time, I apologize it was not posted back in November when I intended. Somehow it was stuck in my drafts and I just found it. Better late than never?

I’ve had enough recovery and I’m sick of doing not much of anything. I know it’s a bit early to start training for next season but I can’t stand it anymore and want to be back on the bike.

I was going to ride yesterday (Thanksgiving Day) but it just didn’t work out. So instead I took some time to get “the room” in order to start the off-season training. (The room used to be occupied by my daughter but since she is now gone I have taken over.)

I set the bike up on the trainer Wednesday night. Then Thursday I picked up a bit in the room and moved around some chairs so I could align the bike facing the TV.

Yes, “the bike” is my husband’s bike, and my spare bike. He doesn’t mind, in fact he suggested it.


I managed a two hour spin today, focusing on cadence and keeping my heart rate low, to rebuild my base. Unfortunately my h/r monitor was not working the way it should but after a while I had a handle on what it felt like to not go above a certain effort. I kept my cadence in the 100rpm range, which after a while felt pretty good. The goal is to increase my cadence comfort level so that a higher cadence will feel normal.

After the spin I felt like a million bucks. I didn’t feel wiped out and felt like I had more energy than what I’ve had in several weeks. It’s good to feel that good again.

For most of my 2 hours on the bike I watched TV. However, the noise of the trainer made it almost imposible to hear the TV, even at full volume. I did try our wireless headphones with my iPod and that seemed to lessen the noise I heard from the trainer.

With the use of the wireless headphones, perhaps some books on CDs might be a better option for entertainment. Our local library has a decent selection of books on CD and this afternoon I found one by Tess Gerritson, who I really enjoy, and one of Lance Armstrong’s books entitled Every Second Counts. Guess which one I’ll be listening to first!

I’m torn between sitting on the trainer or riding outside this weekend. The weather is supposed to be decent with temps around 40 degrees. However, sometime prepping to ride outside takes so much work and effort. It’s much easier to just hop on the bike in the room with a water bottle and go. I don’t have to pack tools, food, or spend a ton of time putting on layers.

Last year I went to a local gym for spin classes and took advantage of yoga classes as well. This year, with the bike on the trainer and having purchased some yoga DVD’s, I might just work out at home. There’s a lot to be said for doing it in the convenience of your own home without having to trudge out in the cold and snow to make a class. Not to mention the spin classes fill up pretty quickly so you have to get there early enough to add your name on the signup list and secure a decent bike. (Some of them don’t work as well as others. They are all numbered and there were certain numbers I would look to nab for my workout.)

I will miss the social aspect of going to the gym and seeing the same friendly faces. Not to mention that my friends Tracey and Julie helped to get me to the gym – it’s harder to blow off class if you know that someone else is expecting you to be there.

If I can stay disciplined enough on my own then it will be a good situation for me. If not, then I might have to join the gym. Time will tell. But for now I’ll work on building the base at home.


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