December Friday Art Walk

This week was the first Friday of the month, which means it was Friday Art Walk in our fair city.

Several of our friends met us at Local 188 for drinks before our walk. Even though we didn’t see much art we were on a mission to make our way down Congress Street to see the Tree at Monument Square. It was a cold night but festive just the same.


(L to R, and barely visible: Ricky, Don, John, Chris, Tim.)

There is a webcam on the top of the Time and Temperature Building, as it’s known here. I’m not sure if that’s the official name but we all know it as this due to the time/temperature display on the top of the building that can be seen throughout most of the city.

One of our friends called his father in Ohio so that he could bring up the webcam on his computer and look for us as we waved to him. That was kinda fun!

Along the way to the Tree, we passed by a bridal shop window. When I worked in town I used to walk by this window and always admired the display. Some dresses were more beautiful than others but for me the window was about the display as a whole and not so much about the dresses in the display.

friday-art-walk-05dec2008-1Andrea’s Bridal Window on Congress Street, Portland, ME

We made our way to Margarita’s for one last drink and some dessert before heading home.

It was another great evening spent with friends. I’m just happy there wasn’t any snow.


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