First Annual Christmas Cheer Ride

My friend and bike club member, Tracey, set her sights on making a Christmas Cheer ride this year. She had the thought last year but it never materialized. This year she set her sites on it and made it happen by rounding up participants, purchasing antlers and a Santa suit, and decorating a kiddie cart/tag along for a sleigh, complete with wrapped packages.

The ride started by going around Baxter Boulevard with a stop at a nursing home. Then it we dashed away to the Old Port to spread some holiday cheer. We were greeted with honks, waves and smiles. Some even took pictures!

It was a great day for it with temps in the low 30’s, sunny and no wind.

We all had a terrific time wishing Merry Christmas to the shoppers in town. Hopefully it will become an annual event!

2 responses to “First Annual Christmas Cheer Ride

  1. Ah, I wish I had seen this!

  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t join in. This looks like fun reindeer games! I hope I can play next year. . .

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