Internal Clocks

Humans are not the only creatures of habit. We have two cats to prove that theory.

We have a ritual of giving our cats treats at 8:30 every night. Anytime between 7:30 and 8:30 the cats start to watch us very closely and make a move to the kitchen for their treats if we head in that direction.

Last night my husband was on the phone and I went into the kitchen to find our fuzzy family members waiting patiently for their treats.


Our cats have their own internal clocks. They certainly know when it’s time to have their treats and they are good at making sure we don’t forget.


One response to “Internal Clocks

  1. Dana, I got two furballs too, and they definitely like things to run a certain way. I think my crazy schedule really bothers them. And they ESPECIALLY hate all the snow–since they can’t go out as much. Cabin fever cats….not a pretty sight!

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