Messy, but Worth It!

With temps in the 50’s today it was time for a real ride outside.

I posted my idea on the CCCP Blog and received a few responses.

One email from Scotty said that I was crazy (I think he meant enthusiastic) but he would be there if it wasn’t raining. (I guess he was a little crazy, too.) Bryan was also up for the ride, as I figured he would be. Steph emailed Sunday to say that she was in. I didn’t hear from Greg but I wasn’t surprised to see him there at the shop (the meeting place) when I arrived.

Then there was Tracey who said that she would be inside at spin class, stating that it would be too messy. Hmmm, rather ironic from the gal that’s always trying to get me to ride various dirt sections of the Eastern Trail, depite my gentle potests.

Other than wet, it was rather nice with a tailwind at our backs the first half of the ride. The plan was to go all the way to Freeport. However, we regrouped in Yarmouth and decided to have coffee and go back. There wasn’t one person disappointed with the change in plan.

I thought I did well when we first started out and quickly realized that I’ve lost some fitness. Not that I can keep up with Steph, even if she’s having a bad day, but I knew I shouldn’t struggle in some sections and yet I did. It’s to be expected really, I haven’t done much riding to any intensity in months. With any luck it will be different in the spring.

I was pleasantly surprised by how I handled the conditions. In the past wet roads have really freaking me out and I have this perception that I’m slipping and about to fall. That wasn’t the case today. I was relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the bike. With me being on the trainer at home and not on a spin bike at the gym, my bike also felt natural to me instead of feeling awkward.

Perhaps Tracey was the smart one out of the bunch. My bike was truly a mess, and so was I!

img_8639-cropped img_8643-cropped

Muddy and wet, but with a smile on my face!

img_8647 img_8650 img_8653 img_8648

Really, what was I thinking?? At least the hose made short work of the washing off the sand.

After I cleaned it, put on my snazzy new trainer-specific tire (a Christmas present), and hoisted it onto the trainer, my husband mentioned that the chain sounded horrible. There was still so much grit in it. So I took his suggestion and made my way outside to degrease it and clean out all the grit. At least it was warm and sunny so I didn’t mind doing it.

With the trainer tire on the bike it’s unlikely that I’ll end up taking it back out on the road any time soon. That might change, or I might take out my spare bike…. I mean my husband’s bike.

I really am jealous of those who live in an area where snow is a rarity. It’s so much more delightful to ride outside than on the trainer. I am thankful for the day that we had today. Even though it was a messy ride, it was so worth it!


5 responses to “Messy, but Worth It!

  1. Hi! Writing to you from sunny and mild Tucson, AZ. I was looking for cycling blogs from women and have tagged yours to come back to – even if to kick me in the butt a little and not whine about the cold mornings. I too was inspired to take up cycling not that long ago (early 2007) and have been loving it ever since. Keep on rollin’!

  2. Welcome Lisa! Greetings from unusually warm Maine and keep the comments coming! I love having new people visit the site, especially if they turn into “regular visitors”.

  3. Temps in the 50s here today, too. So I decided to light the fireplace and stay indoors.

  4. I’ll ride around with antlers and bells, but I don’t do mud and grit.

  5. I guess cyclocross it out of the question then, eh?

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