More Fun Bike Gadgets

It feels a little like a second Christmas at our home tonight.

I recently saw this Flip accessory when I was scrolling on Amazon last week and it arrived today. It was categorized as “must have” for the bike – an item that will be invaluable for me to record video when on the bike.

flip-mount flip-mount-3

I’m excited to put this to use when I’m back out on the road. Let’s just hope I don’t crash and break my camera. At least it’s safer than trying to record video while using one hand in group rides.

fluid-trainer2I had another surprise today from hubby: a “new” trainer. This one is a fluid trainer instead of the wind trainer I’ve been using and it’s infinitely quieter! He bought it second hand and it had been barely used. Yes, you can guess the story – someone bought it, thought they were going to use it and never did so they just wanted to get rid of it to make room for something else. My gain!

The workout tonight was much nicer in that I was able to watch a Spinerval DVD, thanks to a generous friend who let me borrow a few, and actually able to hear the TV. It was so quiet that my husband even hung out in the “workout room” with me, and one of the cats also came in. He never would have done that with the wind trainer.

Also arriving from Amazon today was The Paleo Diet and Base Building for Cyclists:

paleo-diet-book2 base-training2

With all this reading now to do, I might not have time to get back on the bike any time soon, which seems a bit counter productive, don’t you think?


3 responses to “More Fun Bike Gadgets

  1. Cool gadget! And an interesting selection of books, I may consider them myself. Thanks!

  2. I like the idea of a mount for your flip camera, i’m afraid about the bouncing around, though. The 1/4 threaded insert in the camera is good for a fixed mount, like a tripod. Gonna be alot of stress there. Keep an eye on it. If you could also put a velcro strap over the camera, holding it to the bar, it would help. good luck. Just found your blog, I like it

  3. Glen, Thanks for the tip on the camera. Good point since it sits a little high and can be top-heavy.

    Lisa, if you like these items I have hyperlinked them to take you to the Amazon page for each item. We buy a lot from them – in fact most of my Christmas shopping was done there. Convenience and great prices! I love Amazon!

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