Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries

Ahhh, cherries! I love cherries.

I had never had fresh cherries until a few years ago and I got hooked on them very quickly, pits and all! I especially like when they are firm enough to crunch when you bite down.

Cherries are not local items here in Maine. We have to get them from the west coast or areas south of here and are usually “in season” late spring/early summer.

That being said, I’m seeing deals for them this time of year in a local grocery store. They are obviously out of season here, but not for areas in the southern hemisphere. Regardless of their origin, they are a nice treat to have.

I’m thrilled beyond belief to have this fruit available this time of year, especially after reading some of the wonderful health benefits of cherries, such as being high in potassium and fiber, and help reduce acid in the body.

I will be buying cherries for as long as they are available and my bowl will be overflowing with cherries!

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