Our Public Lives

There have been so much buzz from friends about Facebook. Seems everyone is on it, or Myspace. Emails come in from friends requesting me to be their friend. Aren’t I already their friend? Do I have to be on Facebook to be their friend?

So I succumbed to the pressure. I signed up for Facebook. My page is rough and I don’t anticipate to be there much. The way I look at it is this: at least I’m there for others, as a friend, in the event they want to reach out to me. And isn’t that’s what a friend should do? Besides, I’ll have my 25-year class reunion in a couple years and it’s a good way to keep in touch with classmates.

As I was checking out my reader today, I saw an updated post from Joe Friel saying that he is now twittering. Ugh!! I was so disappointed. I really love reading all the wonderful information that Mr. Friel posts on his blog. I hope he continues to pass his knowledge about training and cycling on his blog, even if at a lesser frequency. (As least I’ll have his book soon.)

I did go to his twitter page. I just don’t get the twitter thing. It just seems like a lot of idle dribble and doesn’t seem like the forum to deliver a wealth of information.

Facebook reminds me of that as well.

I mean no offense to anyone. Truly I don’t.

Though I’m sure many people think that this blogging thing is a little odd. I mean I’ve tried to convince my mother and my sister to check out my blog from time to time, which would give them a good handle on what’s going on in my life, but they don’t seem too interested. Or they just don’t get it.

So, let me ask the question to you: what do you think about all of these ways to make your life public? If you are here then perhaps you are a fellow blogger? Do you also twitter and/or have a Facebook/Myspace page?


4 responses to “Our Public Lives

  1. Dana,

    I admit I have become completely addicted to facebook. I wasn’t on it 6 months ago, now I have dozens of “friends.” Most are old friends from high school as I just had my 20 year reunion, and it’s been a wonderful way to reconnect, since I moved away from Boston and many of them stayed in the metro area. I’m on it multiple times a day and it’s a tad ridiculous, I admit….but since my life is mostly work and parenting (and lately no cycling due to all the SNOW), I find it one of my only social outlets (how sad is that!?).

    As far as Twitter goes…I’m there too, but really, I don’t get it. It becomes a bit mindless. I realize facebook is just a more complete version of twitter, but I go for the package, not for just a small part. I’ve twittered twice and never check it. I should just cancel the account.

    OK, so….can I friend you now? LOL!!! Don’t you love how friend is now a verb???

    –signed, fully fledged cult member of facebook,


  2. I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and am on LinkedIn. Twitter can be useful when you find people who share your interests. Very often they will post links to worthwhile web pages you would not have discovered otherwise. To me, Facebook is the least useful, although I have reconnected with old friends that way. I link to my blog from all three sites, but none has driven much traffic my way.

  3. This is all new to me. So far your blog and a food blog that a friend of mine started are the only ones I frequent – I continue to explore but find it hard to find the time to spend on this, I would rather be outside enjoying a great bike ride or giving my hiking shoes a workout. However I do see the usefulness in using this tool as a way to journal and share information.

  4. Yes, feel free to “friend” me!

    Lisa, you raise a good point that we all should be mindful of – when it’s nice and conducive to riding then that’s what we should be doing just that.

    I’d choose my pedals over my screen any day! I just have to remember to take more photos than what I do to blog about it when I’m done.

    Thanks for the comments!

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