Relaxation on a Sunday Afternoon

After a productive spin at the gym today I chilled out for the rest of the day. Sometimes you just need a relaxing day. Well, except for having to shovel the driveway after the storm finally passed. However, there wasn’t too much to clear and didn’t take long.

I feel a bit guilt for being a slug for a good part of the day, sitting around and watching football. Considering last weekend I did some major cleaning in the basement I guess I deserve a little time to just relax. Though I should have spent time reading.

Tomorrow will be a recovery day for me and then I will be back to a few sessions of base training Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully the week will fly by as quickly as last week did.


2 responses to “Relaxation on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. We took our first rides of the year this weekend – it was in the low 70’s and a gorgeous day in Tucson (I know it’s mean to tell you that but I’ll be looking for sympathy in June when it’s 100+ and I have to get up at 4am to beat the heat). Being a couch potato is one of the pleasures of a good workout!

  2. Yes, that was very cruel indeed! I am so jealous!!! Every time the roads look clear enough to ride it snows again. I guess I need a winter sport other than the trainer….

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