No More Excuses

I have no more excuses for not doing a little cross training. For me this comes in the form of running.


My husband decided he wanted a treadmill. It was understood that if we had a treadmill I would also use it a lot. So when it came time to buy one, we decided to buy a nice one. The lesser expensive models are good for walkers, but not runners.

After all the research, we decided on the Sole F63.  It was just delivered Friday so I spent most of the afternoon Saturday rearranging the room to accommodate it. I think this is going to work with both the bike and trainer facing the TV, and near the stereo.

I really like the cockpit of this machine.


I’m not sure how well the fans will work but they are a good extra. I really like the MP3 and head phone jacks. There are incline and speed adjustments on the bars next to you for easy adjustment – very user friendly.

We have officially turned our spare room into a home gym. It’s much more appealing to workout there than in the basement and that’s why we’ve put the treadmill there. I didn’t want to put it in the basement and then it not be used because it’s not a good area. No excuses!

Since writing this post I have gone for a run on the treadmill. It’s really nice and I’m pleased with it. I especially like the speakers for the MP3 player, though I don’t think my husband was happy when I subjected him to my workout music.


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