The Days are Growing Longer

It’s not dark when I leave work these days. That’s a reminder that spring is fast approaching, though it’s hard to believe that with the 13+ inches of snow we received Sunday. With the arrival of spring brings the arrival of cycling season. So it’s time to step up the workouts so I’m properly prepared.

I’ve been taking it easy with low-key workouts. Now it’s time to bump up the intensity a bit to work on my fitness. The treadmill is going to help. This morning I managed a nice tempo ride on the bike (while trying to be quiet so as to not wake my sleeping husband) and tonight I hit the treadmill for a while. It was tempting to blow it off but I made myself. Once I found my rhythm it felt great!

Now, if I could just shed a few pounds in the process.

Enjoy the increasing light. We are up to almost 30 minutes increase in light! We’ll be back on the bike for real soon!

One response to “The Days are Growing Longer

  1. Hey I hear ya! Even as good as the weather is here I miss an outdoor ride after work during the week.

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