Back on Track

After a short team meeting I’m back on track with training. I was at the gym for a 90-minute spin class today and then back home for another hour. The goal was another 90-minutes at home but after starting some one-legged drills the cramps started setting in.

These are cramps on the inside of the thighs. Weird and debilitating! Time to increase the calcium/magnesium supplements again. I’ve backed off because of the lower efforts but it’s time to get back to the twice a day dosage.

Tomorrow will be a 2-hour spin. Yippee!

It’s time to refocus. I’ll be out on the road in March, weather permitting, so I need to put my energy into the bike and not spend as much time on the treadmill.

I am amazed at how fast the winter off season has gone. I guess I kept thinking I had more time to prepare but that time has slipped away. I’m happy in a way to be facing only 4 more weeks inside with the possibility of a few outdoor rides in the near future.


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