The Worst, and Best, Kind of Hangover

After a long, fairly difficult workout Sunday, followed by another Monday night, I had the worst kind of hangover this morning. It was one induced by lots of physical exertion. So I guess that’s the best kind of hangover?

Have you ever felt like that? It’s an odd feeling. You feel so disconnected, so out of it. It took me until noon to really shake it. I was surprised because I actually felt pretty good when I first got up. It wasn’t until 2 hours later at work that it hit me. (A coincidence?)

I usually don’t have a good workout at home on the bike by myself. I need direction. I need someone to tell me what gear, what effort, how long, etc, etc. Without it I find it hard to push myself.

I had borrowed some DVD’s from a friend. A couple of them had good instruction. A couple were just videos of cycling. (Not what I needed.) So I’ve ordered a DVD and I’ll probably order another.

In the mean time, a friend turned me on to They are free podcasts and highly entertaining, not to mention the direction I need. They were the source of my malaise today.

I made the mistake of working out to the hour long Glory Days of Tears and Pain then the Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now workout. Yup, I was miserable! After about 30 minutes of the latter my h/r no longer could respond so I called it quits.

I was amazed how much I had sweat and I looked like I had just walked out of spin class at the gym. That’s a GOOD sign!

I’m taking tonight off. I think I’m due. Tomorrow will be another hard effort with another rest day Thursday.

The weather looks good for an actual ride outside this weekend! That’s the plan thus far.

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