Watching the Tour of California

In watching the Tour of California today, we saw some interesting things:

My husband commented on how strong this guy’s core must be:

We also watched a cycling profile on Mark Cavendish, who is one of my husband’s favorite riders. Don exclaimed, “He has fenders on his bike.” Of course he wasn’t riding in the peloton with them on, it was during a training ride. I wonder how many other pros put fenders on their bikes in the off season when faced with messy roads.

With this revelation, now I’m clear to put fenders on my bike. Thanks Cav for making fenders cool!

After the coverage we saw that Fatty was posting Live Updates on his blog. Really wish we had tuned in earlier but still worth the read after the fact.


2 responses to “Watching the Tour of California

  1. Fenders – not the nicest looking part on the bicycle, but definitely help serve a purpose. As for other pro’s using them – you’ll see from this link that even Lance Armstrong uses them while out training:

  2. Thanks for that link. I haven’t seen that before. I could have used those fenders today!

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