Mid-February Ride

I went out for a real ride with a friend, and should I say coach? (She’s working to develop the Cat 4 team that I’m going to race with.)

It was a spectacular ride. The sun was filtered by clouds but it didn’t matter. We were warmed by our efforts and warmed by the thoughts of being on our bikes on the road.

With no snow storms for a while now the roads were pretty clear. Of course there was some sand and some wet patches, but they weren’t much of a problem. That’s not to say that my bike wasn’t plenty filthy when I returned home. I swear that’s the worst part about riding this time of year and my fingers were numb by the time I finished hosing it off and wiping it down.

This ride also allowed me to try out my new HD video camera that I received from my valentine. I mounted it to my handlebars and was able to record most of the ride. (I’ll try to post a snippet of it here later.)

Now I dread getting back on the trainer.Three hours on the trainer yesterday was all I could stand. The first two hours were productive and manageable. The last seemed like it would never end. I vowed to make it the full 3 hours and I did with 3 hours and 1 second.

To think I chose the trainer over an outdoor ride yesterday due to gusty winds. It just seemed easier. Next time I’ll take Steph’s suggestion and join her.

Tomorrow I’ll swap out my road tire for the trainer tire and be back on trainer this week. My efforts have been paying off and I want to be ready for the road and group rides in a few weeks, provided mother nature graces us with more sunny days than snowy ones.

2 responses to “Mid-February Ride

  1. Just found your blog. Tough riding this time of the year.

  2. The hardest part is just getting out there. Once you do it’s terrific! That said, mother nature is going to deal us a bit of snow so a repeat ride this weekend just isn’t going to happen. Bummer!

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