A Weekend Filled with Cycling

Saturday the sunny skies meant a real ride on the road. I went out with my friend Scotty. It was brisk but invigorating. Scotty enjoyed it so much I’ve convinced him to go again as soon as we are able.

Saturday afternoon brought a club meeting. It was nice to see all my biking buddies.

Sunday required an hour travel to NH for a USA Cycling introductory officials clinic. I’m happy to report that both my husband and I passed. We should receive our licenses in a few weeks and then we’ll be able to officiate at some races. (Just another step with my cycling addiction.)

The next step will be to acquire my racing license so I’ll be ready when the Scarborough Crit series rolls around the first part of April.

Now I’m prepping for the work week, which will also bring more cycling in the form of training, after taking a good part of last week off. I feel energized and ready to get back into my routine.

I’m thankful for a weekend filled with cycling related events.

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