A Few Things I’ve Learned

There have been a few things I have learned from cycling, expecially over the past 6 months:

Riding in the rain or on wet roads

I used to think that my tires were going to go out from underneath me when riding on wet roads, especially when it was raining, causing me to hit the pavement. But I’ve ridden on wet roads enough to know that’s not the case and you can ride comfortably when the roads are wet. It’s also not an excuse to blow off training. In fact, it’s probably essential to gain confidence riding on wet roads – it’s not always sunny  or dry during races.

Knee pain

I’m not unlike many other cyclists that stuggle with knee pain. During my bike fit after building up the Aegis, the tech noticed that due to the position of my cleat, there was no float on the inside and only float on the outside.

Upon attaching my cleats to my new shoes I made sure to move the cleat in such a way that when in my natural pedaling position there was an equal amount of float on either side.

Now I have no more knee pain, except when I wear my other shoes that haven’t had the cleat adjusted.

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