Tempo Turned to Time Trial

The plan was to ride tempo tonight. Just a steady effort for a 90-minute loop. That plan was shot all to hell about 5 miles into it.

I warmed up and started feeling good. The average mph started coming up so I wanted to see how high I could keep it. With that came an all out effort, or time trial effort, for most of the ride. (Steph warned of this sort of thing when doing an opener ride – you start feeling good and start riding harder than what is planned.)

My max average mph was 16.7 but finished with a 16.4mph average. That’s not all that great but for this early in the season, that’s pretty good for me.

Three things I saw on this ride made me really smile:

  1. A small group of cyclists, two of which I know from some local group rides, out on the roads, training.
  2. A herd of 5 deer on the road about 500 feet in front of me when I crested a hill. As I slowed, they just looked at me. I tried to get a shot with my camera phone but two oncoming cars forced them into the woods, followed by two more that bound across the road into the woods behind them.
  3. A father and son out in the yard tossing a baseball.

I needed these smiles in between the suffering. Unfortunately my heart rate strap is not working – I would have liked to see these numbers tonight.

Tomorrow is a night off, and it will be much needed. I’ll join hubby at a local wine tasting as a reward.


2 responses to “Tempo Turned to Time Trial

  1. ahh…re #2…almost a Matt Lauer moment!

  2. Almost. Luckily I had stopped a ways away from them. Nice to see him back on the screen today.

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