Another First

Glen posted recently about several “firsts” that have taken place this spring.

Today was another day for firsts for me. I participated in the Saturday morning PVC ride. This ride is a big draw for many competitive cyclists in the area and somehow I joined the ride, mainly because a couple teammates wanted to try their legs at the ride. I was impressed with number of cyclists on this ride. There must have been 50 or so riders raring to go this morning.

They actually rode it pretty well and were able to hang on for 3/4 of the ride. I, on the other hand, didn’t make it far at all. I have an issue staying as close to the wheel in front of me as I should and unfortunately that caused a gap to form that I just couldn’t close.

So that’s my new focus – to work on my drafting skills.

I also do much better when I start in the front of the group, which I didn’t do today. Since I was a guest rider on this one today I thought it would be better to sit in the back and observe.Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to do that.

It was pretty foggy this morning so I when I got dropped I headed for home to grab some lights and hit the road for a longer ride.

So much for mid-50 degree temps today. The fog hung in pretty hard, enough that I couldn’t wear my glasses because they were so condensed with water droplets that I couldn’t see. After30 miles I could no longer feel my feet, despite my toe covers. The cliff bar in my pocket was so cold and hard I couldn’t chew it until it had been in my mouth for a while to soften and warm. (I bet at times I looked like a chipmunk or I had a big wad of chew in my cheek.)

My planned 50 miler with on a different route, turned into 45 miles without a few hills I had planned. Probably a good thing anyway because my legs just felt so heavy and flat, despite the opener ride last night.

Sunday is a rest day, but I’ll spin my legs easy inside since it’s going to rain tomorrow. The first CCCP ride of the season is Monday and I hope to participate.


One response to “Another First

  1. Thank you very much for the shout out and link. Love your blog!

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